District 1 Committee


DCMMike N 


Secretary Brooke K 


Secretary - Alt 



Treasurer Paul K 





Corrections (Men) 

Mark F


Corrections (Woman) 

Veronica W 


Bridging The Gap Tony P




Public Information

Glenn S


Archives Jeff E 


LiteratureDoug F


Webmaster Andy H


Newsletter Andy H


Meeting List Andy H


District Events Melanie B 



Kati S 


AccessibilityJoe H



Mark W / Mary M


Group Information

Mark P


District officers and Standing Commitee Chairpersons 

a. District Committee Member– The DCM is the link between Green Bay area AA groups (GSR’s) and Area 74.- They atend and chair all District Meetings. They attend all Area Assemblies, Delegates workshops and DCM Meetings. Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

b. Alternate District Committee Member– Assists and works with the DCM. Carries out DCM’s vote and responsibilites in DCM’s absence. Must know all DCM’s responsibilites. 

c. Secretary– Records and transcribes all minutes from District Meetings. Keeps and maintains all District records. Works closely with Newsleter Chairperson and Webmaster. Maintains roster of GSR’s, Alternate GSR’s, District Officers, and Standing Committee Chairs(including their contact information and email addresses)- Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

d. Treasurer– Keeps all financial records for District 01 and reports regularly at District Meetings. Collects group and individual donations and maintains records.- Maintains bank account and checkbook. The Treasurer issues checks for all Board approved District 01 expenses. Compiles and distributes all annual budget information. 

e. Archives Chairperson– Keeps and maintains oral and written historical records for District 01.- Makes regular reports at District Meetings. Sets up display of archives at District 01 events. 

f. Corrections Chairperson – Coordinates and recruits volunteers for jail and correctional facilities AA Meeting’s. Acquires and distributes literature and Big Books for jail and correctional facility meetings. Reports regularly at District Meetings.- Works closely with Bridging the Gap chairperson. 

g. Grapevine Chairperson– Keeps District and AA groups informed about Grapevine (I.E. subscriptions, new changes, pricing).-Sets up a Grapevine display at District 01 events- Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

h. Newsletter Chairperson– Obtains group names, times, locations, type of meeting and contact phone numbers for the AA meeting list to be published and updated monthly in the District Newsletter.- Obtains information from the District Secretary (minutes), groups special events, and District for monthly publication.- Edits, compiles, and distributes monthly newsletter.- Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

I. Public Information Chairperson– Keeps the public informed of the function of AA in the community (schools, hospitals, church etc.)- Provides literature and Meeting lists to the public.- Fields questions and phone calls from the community about AA.-Presents advertising proposals to the District 01 Board.- Reports regularly at the District Meetings. 

J. Website Chairperson– Maintains District 01 Webpage- Applies any changes of webpage information and updates regularly.- Reports regularly at the District Meetings. 

k. Bridging the Gap/Treatment Chairperson– Assist people coming out of jail, correctional facilities, and treatment transition to the AA community. Provides liaisons for people to feel welcomed into the AA community. Provides phone numbers and meeting information for people coming out of institutions. Provides communication from other alcoholics (i.e. letters) while in institutions. Works closely with the Corrections chairpersons. Reports regularly at District Meeting’s. 

l. District Events Chairperson– Plans, coordinates, and recruit’s volunteers for all District 01 Events (i.e. District picnic, District Meet and Eat etc.). Presents ideas for new events to the District 01 Board.-Works closely with the District Treasurer.- Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

m. Cooperation with the Professional Community Chairperson– Maintains communication with the court system, police, judges, lawyers, doctors, probation & parole, of the function of AA in the community.- Provides AA literature to the professional community in District 01.- Reports regularly at District Meetings. 

n. Group Information Chairperson – Works closely with DCM and Area 74 Registrar to compile and keep current the listing of groups within District 1. Dialogues with groups with inactive/unknown status’ to keep them active. Compiles and keeps current a list of Group Service positions within District 1. Cooridinates New Group and Group Information change forms with the Area 74 Registrar. Works closely with the DCM to keep groups informed of information/services available from GSO and District 1. Attends District Meeting regularly. Makes regular reports.

V. Additional Standing Committee and DCM responsibilities 

a. District Officer’s and Standing Commitee Chairpersons will submit a budget annually for expenses (i.e. travel, literature, printing costs etc.). 

b. At the start of their term, Standing Commitee Chairs will be responsible for recruiting and forming their own commitees; to be made up of GSR’s and other AA members. 

c. Standing Commitee chairs will be required to make a mandatory quarterly report to the District In the months of January, April, July, and Oct. of each year. 


a. Groups will elect their own Officers and Standing Commitee Representatives. 

b. New GSR forms should be submited to the Area 74 Secretary in January of each year. Groups are autonomous. District 01 has no say in how groups function.