Group History Form


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The General Service Office Archives Department is frequently asked how A.A. Groups can write their group history. Listed below are some typical questions that the Archives Department uses when writing a group history. It is suggested that groups try to answer these questions and, as needed, contact both the General Service Office Archives and their local Archives for information.

  • Who were the founding members of the group?
  • Where and when was the first meeting held? In date order, list where later meetings have been held. Include city, state, building, residence, church, clubhouse, etc.
  • Did the group list with the General Service Office at the time the members first met?
  • What is the group’s name? Have there been any changes to the group’s name over the years?
  • What initiated the meeting: was it the offshoot of a parent group; was there a split due to disagreements; did a few A.A.s simply decide to start a hometown group, etc.
  • How did the founding members let the community know that a new A.A. meeting was forming?
  • How many members attended the group’s first meeting?
  • Describe member composition, for example, men only, women, young people, etc.
  • How did the group experience growth over the years?
  • Are group inventories conducted regularly and have they been helpful?
  • Who were the early group officers? List, for example, GSR, Group Contact, Chair, Group Secretary, etc. • Has the group used a steering committee?
  • Have any group members participated in District, Area or other service to the Fellowship?
  • How often were meetings held and has that changed over the years?
  • What meeting formats have been used – closed, open, discussion, etc.
  • Describe the group’s growing pains or controversies.
  • How does the group celebrate group member’s anniversaries of sobriety?
  • How has the group celebrated the anniversary of its founding?
  • Describe how the group has cooperated with professional agencies (by signing court cards, supporting a meeting in an institutional setting, taking regular phone duty at the Intergroup or Central Office, etc.). • Has the group participated in special local or regional A.A. functions, such as conventions, conferences, round-ups, forums or workshops?

For information or questions email [email protected] or call (414) 587-6556.