AA Magazines and Documents

In September 1939, The Liberty Magazine published an article titled “Alcoholics and God”.  Bill W thought it was a bit lurid, and that the title would scare off some prospects.  Perhaps it did, but “Liberty” recieved 800 urgent pleas for help, which were turned over to Bill W and Ruth H.  “She wrote fine personal letters to every one of them,” wrote Bill, “enclosing a leaflet which described the A.A. book.  The response was wonderful.  Several hundred books sold at once at full retail price of $3.50.  Even more importantly, we struck up a correspondence with alcoholics, their friends, and their families all over the country.” 

On March 1, 1941, The Saturday Evening Post published an article titled “Alcoholics Anonymous: Freed Slaves of Drink, Now They Free Others” written by Jack Alexander.  The article became a major turning point in Alcoholics Anonymous’ history.

April 1, 1950 Saturday Evening Post – “The Drunkards Best Friend” by Jack Alexander

1940 AA Pamphlet Featuring Larry Jewel Articles from The Houston Press

100 Men Corporation Pamphlet