There Is A Solution.

“In the Twelve Steps, AA offers not a theory, not a hypothesis, not a pious hope, not -- thank God -- wistful or wishful thinking, but an historical record of how more than 25,000 [now over 2,000,000] alcoholics achieved sobriety.”

What is Alcoholism?
There are many different ideas about what alcoholism really is. The explanation that seems to make sense to most A.A. members is that alcoholism is an illness, a progressive illness, which can never be cured but which, like some other diseases, can be arrested. Going one step further, many A.A.s feel that the illness represents the combination of a physical sensitivity to alcohol and a mental obsession with drinking, which, regardless of consequences, can-not be broken by willpower alone.
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What to Expect at an A.A. Meeting
There are a variety of formats for A.A. meetings and each meeting takes on the feel of their local area. At most meetings you will hear members talk about what drinking did to them and to those around them. Most also share what actions they took to stop drinking and how they are living their lives today. The purpose of all meetings is for A.A. members to “share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism.”
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There are many meetings available in the greater Green Bay area to include in-person and virtual.
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More ways to experience the wonderful world of sobriety and enjoy the fellowship it brings.
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